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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

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Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning – general information

To the question “How to avoid diseases of the oral cavity?” now there is an answer – ultrasonic brushing at the clinic named after Dr. Sokolovskyy.

What is ultrasonic brushing and why do you need it?

Daily dental hygiene is a mandatory procedure necessary to maintain dental health. But sometimes a toothbrush is not enough to prevent the formation of mineralized deposits on the teeth. It is the notorious tartar that is the root cause of many dental and periodontal diseases.

Possible causes of stones:

  • change in the composition of saliva;
  • hereditary predisposition to periodontal disease;
  • unsatisfactory oral hygiene;
  • systemic diseases of the body;
  • smoking.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning allows you to remove all dental plaque in 1-3 sessions. The procedure is performed using a special ultrasonic scaler in the office of a dentist. It is completely painless and requires no more than an hour per visit.

Methods of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Ultrasonic tartar removal is used as an independent procedure and as an initial stage of general rehabilitation of the oral cavity.

If the patient has no complaints other than a dark plaque on the teeth, it is possible to limit the removal of dental plaque and appropriate recommendations. In cases where there is a need for additional treatment, professional ultrasonic brushing is an appropriate procedure.

Indications for brushing teeth with ultrasound are:

  • the presence of mineralized and non-mineralized dental plaque on the teeth, the independent removal of which is impossible;
  • sanitation (complete treatment) of the mouth;
  • periodontal disease.


  • presence of orthopedic structures and implants in the oral cavity;
  • presence of infectious, viral diseases (HIV, TB, hepatitis);
  • respiratory infections;
  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • dental hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity);
  • patient complaints of chronic bronchitis, endocarditis, or asthma.

Advantages of ultrasonic brushing

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

How is regular dental cleaning different from ultrasonic tartar removal?

Some dentists still practice removing stones with a trowel. But this procedure can hardly be called “professional cleaning”. Manipulations with hand-held dental instruments resemble rough peeling, after which the following are detected:

  • scratches;
  • cracks;
  • remnants of dental plaque;
  • injured gingival margin.

Ultrasonic brushing avoids such troubles. The scaler removes mineralized dental plaque even in the most inaccessible places. Since the main active factor is ultrasound, neither the teeth nor the gums have even the slightest damage from the instrument.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning – care

After removing the stones with the help of ultrasound, the teeth need special care. In the dentist’s office, you will undergo additional treatment. Teeth are polished with a special paste, brush, dental erasers, and discs. This procedure makes the surface of the teeth smoother.

Patients, in turn, should take dental hygiene seriously, use a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss daily, and eat more hard fruits and vegetables. A repeat visit to the doctor should take place every six months.

If you want to learn more about the cost of ultrasonic teeth cleaning, make an appointment at our clinic or read the price list of services on the website. By phone or in person, qualified professionals will answer all your questions.

Call us, find out about current promotions and discounts, make an appointment and make sure that ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a useful and safe procedure that will help you maintain good dental health.

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