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Orthodontic plates

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Orthodontic plates

Orthodontic plates are special constructions that are used to correct the position of teeth and occlusion in both adults and children. Today, various techniques are used to align the teeth. This can be corrected with braces or Invisiline caps, but also uses traditional plates and special orthodontic appliances, which can be recommended for both young patients and adults. Plates are effective in the presence of gaps between the teeth, irregular shape of the dentition or curvature of the teeth. The most appropriate technique is selected by an orthodontist individually after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Types of orthodontic plates for teeth

There are two main types of teeth straighteners: removable and non-removable. Removable devices – are recommended during the development of the dental system. These designs can be single-jawed, or – to fasten on both jaws with various elements for alignment of teeth.

To achieve the desired result, the plates and devices are recommended to wear for about 2 years. If necessary, they are changed every six months. The exact duration of treatment is determined by the orthodontist on the basis of diagnostic data, the complexity of the defects and the characteristics of the patient.

Advantages of using orthodontic plates for teeth

If you compare orthodontic plates with other orthodontic structures, they have the following advantages:

  • they are quickly made on the basis of tooth casts;
  • plates correct serious occlusion disorders during the child’s growth;
  • there are no difficulties in daily oral hygiene;
  • affordable price (2-3 times lower than the cost of braces).

Orthodontic plates have a wide range of options:

  • with their help it is possible to expand or narrow the dental arch, moving, turning the tooth
  • correction of the incorrect position of the jaws.

They can perform various functions, including such important as changing the width of the palate, the shape of the jaw bones, etc.

Benefits for children

Very young patients are happy to choose the color of the device from transparent to colored and quickly get used to them. Well and if in the device there is a favorite “animal” or “machine”, the TTO medical device becomes a favorite ornament to which children treat with care and attentively carry out all recommendations of the doctor. The plates are removable devices, and depending on the design can be worn only at night or 24 hours a day. When brushing your teeth, the appliance must be removed and cleaned separately with a toothbrush.

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