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Eliners are a modern alternative to braces

With the help of liners – transparent caps for teeth alignment – and modern 3D technologies, it is now possible to align teeth as invisibly as possible. The liners are made of medical plastic, which creates the feeling of a perfectly smooth surface. Unlike braces, the patient has no doubts about the appearance during the entire period of treatment with liners.


Each cap of liners is made of transparent plastic on which retention points are established. They perform the function of shifting the dentition by using a durable material – composite. This material is applied to the tooth, and the mouthpiece itself is already fixed on it.
Here is what an eyeliner cap worn on the teeth of one of our Clients looks like:


The difference between liners and braces



invisible to others;
it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene during treatment;
do not injure the oral mucosa;
unlike braces, liners do not correct all problems with a bite and position of a jaw row.


visible to others;
during treatment it is more difficult to maintain oral hygiene in comparison with liners;
can injure the oral mucosa;
Corrects most problems related to occlusion and the location of the dentition;

The final decision on the treatment plan and the choice of the method that will be more effective for you is made by the doctor on the basis of the diagnosis.

Reasons for treatment with eliners

It cannot be said that liners are completely capable of replacing braces, but in most cases, an orthodontist can effectively treat them. Eyeliners, unlike braces, are removable and invisible to others. In addition to the above, wearing liners do not change your daily life and give you the opportunity to feel comfortable in different situations: whether it’s sports, eating your favorite food and even brushing your teeth in the usual way for you.

How is the treatment with liners?


Diagnose and collect data about your teeth and their location. Doctors take a panoramic x-ray and a cast of your jaw to gather all the necessary information about the features of your bite.

The second, most important stage is modeling. Unlike braces, treatment with liners is predicted with jewelry accuracy. In the second stage, with the help of advanced computer technology, it is planned to move the teeth, as well as the time and number of caps for treatment. On average, treatment takes about a year.

Manufacturing stage. The number of drops is calculated based on the specifics of the problem of your bite. On average, treatment with liners requires about 20-30 drops, they change every 14 days, this is required by the rules of wearing.

The final stage is directly wearing a cap.

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