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стоматолог Київ

The dental clinic in the Solomensky district of Kyiv provides services for dental treatment, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, and prosthetics. Our specialists use quality materials and the newest dental techniques. Correcting the bite, aligning the dentition using traditional plates, braces, or Invisalign mouthguards, installing a crown, implant, or veneers quickly and comfortably can be done at the Sokolovsky Dental Clinic.

Dental experts of Dr. Sokolovsky’s clinic

хирург имплантолог


Dentist, implant surgeon

Oral pathologist: corrects jaw defects, removes tumors, installs implants and performs prosthetics using the full arsenal of modern technologies.

More than 15 years of experience, regularly improves his skills under the guidance of Europe’s top professionals.

стоматолог ортодонт



Specializes in the correction of occlusion and torsion of the dentition. Treatment of traumatic injuries of the jaw and facial skeleton, and abnormal placement of structures of the oral cavity. A doctor of the highest category, constantly studying and practicing with leading orthodontists in Germany.

стоматолог протезування



Diagnoses and treats the causes of inflammation of the oral cavity and gums, treats periodontitis and caries. Corrects mechanical damage to teeth, such as cracks, chips, non-carious damage to teeth. Dentist-hygienist who carefully monitors the hygiene of your oral cavity and takes care of the health of your smile

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