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Dental clinic Sokolovsky in the Solomensky district

Your smile is the key to our success!
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A beautiful smile is based on healthy and strong teeth. To achieve the result, we use the best technologies of modern dentistry for effective and safe dental treatment. In our clinic, you can get the whole range of dental services. The basis of treatment is the correct diagnosis, so here you can undergo a complete diagnosis of the oral cavity – a targeted X-ray of the tooth, CT scan, take a panoramic X-ray of a smile.

After identifying the problem, our specialists will select the best option for dental treatment individually. Treatment of caries of any complexity, filling of a tooth and root canals, removal, and prosthetics, dental implantation, complex surgical procedures, sinus lifting, fixed prostheses – our dentists, surgeons, and orthodontists will select an individual solution for each patient.
Dental health needs to be protected from a young age, therefore, our clinic offers a wide range of services in pediatric dentistry: caries prevention, filling in children, extraction of milk teeth, teeth fluoridation, teeth ozonation, fissure sealing, early orthodontics. It is also possible to treat teeth without a drill.

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